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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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down to just a few weeks and a few percentage points where candidates differ in the crowded d.c. mayoral ticket. >> i would like to ask ms. bowser what she means by socialist? >> i mostly said it in jest. >> more arctic air waiting in the wings, our weekend and another storm monday. >> plus is this driving you crazy? what's happened to all the highway and beltway lights? if you think it's too dark to drive? good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. once again the weather is your big story tonight. topper is tracking a storm with perhaps a bit more potential than the one that ruined your commute this morning. let's get right to our first alert meteorologist mr. shutt. >> this storm has a lot more potential and moisture, but it's not a straight snow. that is the problem. looking ahead tracking the next storm looks like it arrives by the monday morning commute no matter what shape it takes. the models are trending colder
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which leads me to believe more of a wintery mix, could be ice. this storm has a lot of potential and moisture, the same storm that slammed into california. we could see rain or ice ending as snow by tuesday morning as colder air moves in. this is the storm. it begins to work its way across the country late in the week, a new blast of arctic air to move south. the question is this is about sunday, west coast storm makes it into the mississippi river valley. after that how far south will this arctic air seep as the moisture begins to move in monday? right now the arctic air will be very close to us, could be as close as the mason-dixon line. that means more ice than anything else. it's something we'll watch carefully. we're watching temps drop. 19 in gaithersburg, 21 leesburg, 19 manassas. wakeup weather bundle up the kids. no winds tomorrow morning but very cold. 7:00 14 to 24.
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by 9:00 24 to 30 and breezes pick up. tonight new information about an elderly man hit and killed by a school bus. we learned the victim 91-year- old elijah meranski came to the u.s. 19 years ago. he was a holocaust survivor. >> he was run down this afternoon. 14 kids were on the bus that kit him going back to hammond middle school -- hit him going back to hammond middle school from a field trip at the white we found out a lot about meranski. he was born in poland, both his parents killed days after the german invasion in 1939. two of his siblings were killed. he shared a story about hiding in a swamp for three days at times breathing through a straw when the german dogs were about to close in. in 1972 he moved to israeli and finally to the united states in
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1995. in another top story tonight, grief counselors will be available at woodson high school in fairfax after a student was killed by a commuter train. a vre train hit and killed 15- year-old jack chen early this morning near clara barton parkway. woodson's principal said jack was bright, cheerful and liked by everyone. vre canceled part of its morning commuter service today. police are investigating how it happened. we are a little more than a month away from d.c.'s democratic primary for mayor and tonight the candidates squared off in a debate at the american university radio studios. mola lenghi was there and joins us live for a taste of what went down. >> reporter: with the april 1st primary closing in the candidates look to separate themselves. the embattled mayor vincent gray says he's confident that he still has time to pull ahead, but with several serious challenges closing in on his lead tonight at times he was their target.
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sparks never really flew in tonight's mayoral debate, but it did have its moments, mostly between council members muriel bowser and tommy wells. >> our campaign has gained the most ground including the mayor. what we alsoen from that poll is that two -- alsoen from that poll is two out of -- also know from that poll is that two out of three people don't want mayor gray elected. >> reporter: gray and wells butted heads on campaign finances. wells cow towed he's the only candidate not accepting corporate donations. >> we're following the law, mr. wells. it is the law. wait a minute. you choose to do what you choose, but there's nobody breaking the law who does that. >> there is not any daylight between muriel bowser and vince gray on this issue. both are taking bundled dollars
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from super lobbyists david wilmont. >> reporter: but as incumbents usually do, the mayor served as a punching bag as his 2010 campaign remains under federal investigation. >> i will assert once again that i did nothing wrong. >> to have public funding of our campaigns is the only way we can have clean elections and we don't have to run shawdow campaigns. >> i think the problem with the district of columbia ethics is that we have a mayor under investigation. >> reporter: when they weren't talking about campaign finances and reform, they talked development where jack evans was a bit friendlier to gray. >> today we are the envy of every city in the country. >> if we're not getting folks educated to get a better job, nothing changes. >> the problem is elementary school and what you send to the elementary school. >> we cannot have a child's zip code be the determination of what kind of education they're
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going to get. >> reporter: two other points brought up tonight were the jobs of school chancellor kaya henderson and the fire chief. with chief ellerbe only mayor gray said he'd consider keeping the embattled chief. new tonight the governor of arizona has vetoed the bill that would have allowed businesses to deny service to gays and lesbians if it conflicted with their sincere religious beliefs. some called it a showdown between religious freedom and the rights of gays. in the end it may have been good old-fashioned capitalism that made the difference. arizona governor jan brewer's veto brought down the curtain on what had become a national drama around senate bill 1062. >> i've not heard one example in arizona where business owners' religious liberty has been violated. >> supporters said the measure was all about preserving the religious freedoms of those
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with sincere religious objections to homosexuality, but opponents said the real purpose was to discriminate against gays and lesbians among others and ever since the republican-backed measure cleared the legislature last week, arizona residents took sides. thousands called or petitioned the governor to vote their way, but the business community perhaps spoke even louder. earlier today 2,000 hispanic lawyers canceled their 2015 national convention there. after that reports the nfl was considering moving next year's super bowl away from the university of phoenix stadium. >> i sincerely believe that senate bill 1062 has the potential the create more problems than it purports to solve. [ cheering and applause ] >> the crowd outside the capitol erupted when they heard the bill was vetoed. >> when this first kind of started, i was apprehensive, but we have such a fantastic community out here and i think that it would be foolish for
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her not just for the community, but for the business community. >> governor brewer hopes the ugliness to all this will lead to greater understanding and respect among all arizonans. similar laws are being considered in several other states including ohio, but lawmakers there withdrew that bill today. a $50,000 rewarden ising offered to anyone who -- reward is being offered to anyone who can find two gunmen who beat and robbed a postal worker tuesday while working his northeast d.c. route. he's out of the hospital now. the gunman took some of that man's personal belongings. it's not clear if they stole mail. the u.s. postal service is putting up that money to anyone who can help police nab the bad guys. patty sailor has been honored by the national downs syndrome society. her son ethan who had the disorder died after a fight with police over a $12 movie ticket. they asked wusa9 debra alfarone
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to give the award since our exclusive coverage. >> i am tireless in my advocacy for him, but i'm not doing this alone. there's a full machine of people behind me and with me and holding me up. yes, it is bittersweet. i wouldn't call it a celebration. s before. today a -- >> today a judge found probable cause to send a daycare child abuse case to a grand jury and that panel will consider allegations against two women who used to work at the minnieland academy at the glen in woodbridge. there was testimony today sara jordan tripped a child on purpose, snapped rubber bands on children's wrists and laughed while the children cried. they also testified that kierra spriggs stepped on a child's feet because the child wasn't wearing shoes, bit a child's finger. the grand jury meets june 7th. in tonight's health alert
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an experimental fertilization technique that makes it possible to create a baby by the dna of three people is being considered by u.s. health officials. scientists say this could prevent a baby from inheriting genetic diseases like muscular dystrophy. doctors remember defective genetic material from the mother's egg and replace it with healthy material from another woman. critics say it opens the door to so-called designer babies. fellows, a new study finds older dads are more likely to have children with psychiatric problems. researchers followed 2 million swedes between the years 1973 and 2001 and the men who fathered kids after age 24 faced increasing odds of children with either mental health or learning problems. the greatest risk was seen when men became fathers older than the age of 45. does your teen tan? researchers say there's a link now between it and other risky behaviors including binge drinking, unhealthy dieting and
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sexual activity. about one in five high school girls reported they hit the tanning beds in 2011 actually down from earlier years. it's less common among boys. a knot work reporter is back -- a network reporter is back on the job after learning an arm to a rare condition. surgeons had to remove a portion of his left arm because of acute compartment syndrome. >> the single biggest clue of compartment syndrome is pain out of proportion that continues to increase, swelling that continues to increase. >> in condition is often caused by an injury that basically cuts off blood to muscles and nerves and toxins can build up leading to kidney failure. for o'brien the trouble started when camera equipment fell on his arm. within days his arm was numb and discolored. on his blog he wrote he was left with a choice between life and limb. he lost lame and said he's grateful to be a -- a limb and
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said he's grateful to be alive. he was actually at the airport when the equipment fell on his arm and he said like a lot of guys do, he did not need to go to the hospital. it was on a 911 emergency he thought at the time. he thought it was painful but not a 911 emergency. we are glad he is alive. how many state highway workers does it take to change a light bulb? >> this is no laughing matter, especially if you are one of the many drivers who face nighttime beltway commutes with all those highway lights dark. when can you expect to see the light at the end of the tunnel? some answers are coming up. >> still ahead do you think your dog actually afeels a shamed when he eats your shoes or something? forget that look. that old dog is teaching you a new
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we've been asking you for a while what drives you crazy about your commute? elliott told us his has to do with lighting. why are there so many lights out between 95 and 495, so we've been looking for some answers.
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by day elliott specializes in risk management. >> that one is totally out. >> which is why as he drives our local highways elliott's eye is drawn not to what he sees, but what he does not. >> on a night around 9:00, 10:00, you go around there, you see nothing till you're right up on it and if you get up early in the morning and it's foggy, you can forget it. you see nothing. >> because the light as top those highway poles are out -- lights atop those highway poles are out, specificallthis light off sandy spring road off i-95. elliott proceeds south on 95 toward the icc, a 2-mile drive. >> some of them on, some of them off. some only have one lamp on. >> then he takes us to the 95 and 495 interchange first heading west. >> if we go to the right, it will take you to 495 going west, a bunch of those are out. >> and then heading north on 95 off the beltway. >> when you have the exits where people coming in and
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coming off, you know, and you don't have the lights, that's what really causes a problem. >> are you worried it might be unsafe? >> no. >> helping shed some light on elliott's questions is david buck with the maryland state highway administration. first that stretch of road from the sandy spring 198 ramp down 95 to the icc route 200, both have everything to do with the icc county road project. >> when we work in major construction projects in the area, we have to deenergize the lights from the safety perspective of the construction folks. >> but the work out to be done and the lights back on come summer. now to the 495 and 95 interchange. >> folks will be fixing that in the next 30 to 45 days. >> reporter: how complicated is fixing a broken light? >> if it's just as easy as the bulb, unfortunately it's usually not that easy. in the winter 98% of the issues are underground. if the ground is frozen, it's tough to get to.
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when water gets into it, the wires freeze. animals get to it. it's not as simple as saying i'm going to go fix that light. >> buck also says a lot of the lighting along our interstates is old, greatly needs updated. the good news is maryland just got an influx of new money that will be going to transportation improvements including some new lights, but buck says while safety is a top priority continuous overhead lighting along the highways is old school. vehicle headlights have come a really long way and overhead lighting is not needed the same way it was 40 years ago. tracking weather with an hour by hour forecast, wusa9 first alert weather. >>ly temperature today only 38, 38 yesterday, also. our average high is 51, so well below average. let's start with a live look outside, our live, michael and son weather cam, 28 the new low, dew point in the single digits, relative humidity 38%. this is a dry cold air mass.
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satellite picture radar combined, there goes the snow we had earlier. we're turn our attention to this storm in the west coast. this is the storm we'll track all week and all weekend and could be our next snow or rain or ice producer. in the meantime we're in good shape tonight, clear skies, just some kind of cold. temperatures at night will be 15, 20 degrees below average. sunny, blustery thursday. wind chills 25 to 32. that said the good news is it will not be windy in the morning. it will pick up in the afternoon as a cold front whips through. bus stop temperatures 14 to 30, cold enough without the wind. i get that. turning colder thursday night, temperatures just north of town in the single digits. overnight clear skies, very cold, 14 to 24, winds out of the south at 5. by morning mostly sunny, very cold. you needat, gloves, scarf, teens and 20s. notice the wind out of the south at 10. by afternoon cold front comes barreling through, mostly sunny still but breezy and cold,
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drops wind chills to the mid- 20s to low 30s, winds northwest 10 to 20 and gusty, highs near 40. don't focus on that. focus on the 25 to 32 for dressing. sunshine, mountains to the coast but cold, 18 in oakland. jump the divide, 30 in cumberland, 37 winchester, 34 hagerstown, culpeper 42, warrenton, manassas, leesburg, fairfax, reston, mclean topping out 38, 39, 40 downtown, low 40s into southern maryland, upper 30s rockville, clarkbsurg, gaithersburg and frederick, low 40s in annapolis, small craft advisory in the afternoon for the bay andfieldal potomac. city temps 5:00 19, 7 a.m. at 20, 20s at 9:00, 35 by 11:00, 38 by 1:00 with winds increasing late morning early afternoon. colder friday, don't think we'll see freezing. saturday still chilly, temperatures in the mid-40s, maybe a ran or snow shower.
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next seven days -- a rain or snow shower. next seven days, not much change monday, the weekend rain or snow showers saturday, maybe a shower sunday. sunday is not a bad day near 50. monday still appears to be some rain or ice turning to snow monday night before ending tuesday and then cold again, only 30 on wednesday. >> not quite out of the grip of old man winter. >> spring arrives on saturday, not too springy. >> we spring ahead soon, too. let's talk some college hoops. cheaper us up. >> i do have good news tonight -- cheer us up. >> i do have good news tonight. college basketball season is winding down. virginia's cinderella story continues tonight. >> plus redskins tight end fred davis recently charged with a dui. tonight one of his
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♪ see what's new at now game on with kristen berset. >> indianapolis colts tight end weslye saunders spoke to players at beleau high school today about making the right choices. saunders has been suspended twice by the league for violating the performance enhancing drugs policy and he told 9 sports dave owens he's a friend of redskins tight end fred davis and saw him the night davis was recently pulled
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over for dwi. >> i did see him the day he was suspended indefinitely and i can just imagine the thoughts, the mind set of a guy who is going through a situation like that. i know. i've been there before, not indefinitely, but i've been in that position before. so the only thing i can hope is he gets things back on track and is able tomake name for himself and come back and play some good football. >> saunders unlike davis has a contract with his nfl team this season but says he's lucky the colts haven't given up on him. he knows how lucky he is. his very candid message was received well by players at beleau. virginia cavaliers have been the surprise team this season in the acc. they have a income for starting the game with an -- a knack for starting the game with an offensive burst and finishing it off with a strong defensive ending. tonight hosting university of miami the same formula paid off. london francis having a career night nails the three near the end of the 1st half, cavs
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leading by 7 at the break. 2nd half the show continues, another three, four for four from beyond the arc scoring 15 points and the cavs continue to full away. joe harris with three of his 11. cavaliers 65-40, their 12th straight win. virginia clinches a top two seed in the acc tournament. george mason looking to snap a two-game skid hosting richmond tonight. patriots led by 21 points at the break. wright keeps it going in the 2nd with a layup. he had 19, but mason had problems holding the lead and the spiders cook advantage coming within 5, but patriots -- took advantage coming within 5, but the patriots hang on for the win. after urfo ties and eight lead changes the gleaes pull away in the 2nd half, au winning 64-55 to remain within a gameful first -- game first
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in the conference. during monday's game against syracuse along the gold rush of yellow shirts another flash mob, all the students in the comcast center opening up with space jam. they did this last year against duke when they did the harlem shake, but it's still impressive to me that they can get all those people synchronized in these flash mobs.
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for this next story we take you to tulsa, oklahoma. check out that crash.
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two dogs were behind the wheel of that. 1 is a border collie. the dogs were inside the truck. evidently the owner left and they knocked it out of gear sending it down a hill before it hit the riverbank. >> got around to the front of the house where the truck was and it's not there and i was like did i get towed and i just thought no, it didn't. >> it sure did, my friend. the truck missed drivers and runners on a trail and as for roscoe and luna, they are okay. it's a good thing it didn't go any further and go into the water, but it's a good lesson for all pet owners. those two dogs might look guilty taking off in their owner's truck, but that doesn't mean they feel guilty wagging their tails. >> even though we've all seen dogs with those shaming pictures like online, behaviorists say dogs don't have shame.
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sure, they look guilty, but that's just a reaction to you making them feel that way about throwing a tantrum. the head of the american college of veterinary behavior says instead of shaming your pooch get over it and next time don't leave your shoes out. don't leave a roast beef on the table or fried chicken on the floor because he's going to eat it. that's what i do. i'm a dog. >> don't leave your fried chicken on the floor, folks. have a good one, everybody. >> bye bye. can you see us? are you there?
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with a 2-year price guarantee and no annual contract. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. >> and now the fourth cartwright brother, david letterman!


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